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SONGHYUN L&C Co., Ltd. will make the greatest effort to be ahead of the times with the
challenging attitude through the creative and innovative thoughts with activeness and mettle.

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Songhyun LNC Co., Ltd. became an industrial lubricating oil company in 2010. Various safety accidents are always occurring in rapidly changing and increasing industrial sites and living conditions. In this sad reality, we thought about ways to reduce safety accidents and improve work efficiency. We gathered opinions from various field officials and general consumers to prevent safety accidents. All executives and employees are working hard today to develop technologies and new products, focusing on what's going on in the field to make them more than just the product itself. New and more challenging experiments ...

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Creativity - Innovating with creativity is the future of Songhyun L&C Co., Ltd. Cooperation - Songhyun L&C Co., Ltd. considers collaborative relationships an important factor. Challenge - The relentless challenge to the future is the true value of Songhyun L&C Co., Ltd. Respect customers - Based on customer's belief and trust, Songhyun L&C Co., Ltd. always does the best.

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